Welcome to Bridgerland RC Club

We promote learning/friendship for radio-controlled aircraft enthusiasts in Cache Valley, Utah.

Our biggest priority is to keep RC a fun and growing hobby! If you are interested in the hobby, looking to buy a plane, or want to come spectate then don’t hesitate to reach out or visit the field. To get started or to see when we are flying, click here to connect to our Facebook Group or click here to go to our Contact page on this site.

Do you own or want a radio-controlled aircraft?

If you own a radio control airplane, helicopter, drone, or are thinking of getting one, you’ve come to the right place for help and support. ¬†We have a club of over 90 people from all backgrounds and experiences.

Looking for advice about radio-controlled aircraft?

We’re all friends and enjoy building and flying model aircraft. We can provide you purchase and building advice, help with setup and even flight training.  The best way to contact us is on our Facebook Page or by Email from the Contacts Page