How to Setup Flybarless System on Heli’s

Setup flybarless steps

when setting up the radio, ensure you choose the correct swash mode. For instance, Futaba and BeastX control’s all the functions of the swash so therefore in the radio you choose the default swash mode. For Align Gyro’s (3GX) you set up the correct swash configuration based on the servo positions.
Zero out all subtrims.
Get in setup mode (bypass flight mode so gyros disabled)
Set throttle at center stick (50%). If you want to set all pitch percentages to 50 that if you move the stick and you will still be at 50.
Mechanically 90 all three servos with no subtrim. Swap out servo horns with the one that makes it the closest to 90 degrees. Use the least amount of subtrim as possible.
Get all three servos moving the same direction by moving the throttle servo and they all mix the same direction. Only reverse the fewest servos as possible to get them all moving the same direction (mixing together). From there go into the swash AFR setup in the radio to reverse as needed to get the servos mixing in the proper directions on the swash plate.
Remove the head from the main shaft.
Now get a digital 90 on all servos at 50 percent on the stick using the swash plate leveler.
At this time use the swash plate leveler and slide the swashplate up and down and watch all three corners to ensure they all move together perfectly.
Reinstall the head into the main shaft.
Make sure at 50 on the throttle that you’re at 0 degrees on the main blades. Also, make sure that both blades are at the 0-degree pitch. Mark one blade so that if you have tracking issues you always adjust the unmarked blade to keep true to the 50 stick 0-degree rule.
Adjust the swash plate to the center of the shaft by ensuring that the degree is the same at either positive or negative at full stick movement. If its plus 12 and negative 14 then the swashplate is not in the center of the main shaft and you will have to adjust so it is. If you do have to adjust ensure that the blades are at 0 pitch at 50 on the throttle.
Next, adjust the swash AFR to that the main blades are at positive 12 and negative 12 at full motion at the stick by adjusting the degrees on the collective pitch adjustment in the swash AFR programming in the transmitter so that you’re at a full positive at the same value and a full negative at the same value.
Next, adjust the cyclic pitch range (just under the blade collective pitch by maybe 2 degrees) by turning the blade sideways and pushing the elevator forward and adjust the elevator mix in the swash AFR until its around 10 degrees with a pitch gauge with 50 on the throttle. Also, match the numbers in the aileron mix in the swash AFR to match whatever you ended up within the elevator mix.
Make sure there is no binding at all pitches on the swash plate by full up and full down on the throttle and rotating the swash to ensure no touching or binding.
Setup tail gyro
Setup throttle and pitch curves
Ready to fly!